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tv   Right This Minute  KICU  February 21, 2013 1:00pm-1:30pm PST

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hi, everybody. i'm beth troutman. let's watch some great videos, "right this minute." hey, buddy. >> a man gets his beloved pooch back from doggy jail because of this woman. >> thank you, thank you, thank you. >> she reveals a twist that may change everything. >> you regret doing what you did? >> i'm really disappointed actually. >> she was attacked by a mach e machete. >> this woman is being fitted for a prosthetic nose. >> how an oscar-winning special effects wiz is about to change your life. >> a perfect day to show off on
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the slopes. >> fluffy powder. >> a good thing this skier had a soft landing. want to win an ipad mini? we have the thursday buzzword and a dog who is obsessed with a certain commercial. >> she's like thinking, is this the one with the wood chuck? i think it is. you guys are looking at the fantastic reunion of dave thomas and buzz light year. buzz light year is the dog, of course. dave thomas was separated from buzz lightyear because dave was arrested. he went to jail for a little while and police took his dog. once dave was released from jail he couldn't get his dog out because he didn't have the $400 that the county was requiring to get him. he only had $6 in his pocket. along came maria sanchez. this happened in san bernadino, california. she saw dave interacting with buzz, so she put pictures of him and buzz on facebook and it went viral. she was able to raise $2,000 so
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he could get his dog. ktla in los angeles talked to dave thomas about the event. >> never thought it was going to happen. especially to me. i got to go down there at 10:00 and kiss the ground of the feet of maria sanchez who did all this. >> oh. >> he thinks maria is an angel for raising this money and helping him get his dog out of the pooch pokey. here he is kissing her feet. >> thank you so much. >> to tell us all about what she did, we have maria sanchez via skype, "right this minute," from san bernadino, california. you were able to raise $2,000 for this man and his dog. tell us about the money, where is it going to right now? >> well, so far the money has gone to his fees at the shelter, money at the vet was spent and shopping spree at pet smart. >> why this man and this dog to raise this money for?
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>> why not. i would hope someone would do this for me. >> i hear there's a new development about the man, money and dog. >> channel 5 called me and said they seefld a voice mail from him saying i won't give him his mon money. i explained what i told him last night, i told him every dime that we raised is going to him and buzz but i did explain to him that i'm not just handing him over cash. any of those bills that needs to get paid i'm going to take care of it until the money runs off. he didn't say anything to me. after i'm getting these phone calls i can't believe it. >> what would have happened to buzz light year if this money wasn't raised? >> unless he would have been able to come up with the money buzz probably would have been put to sleep. >> now that you've seen what's happened with dave, do you regret doing what you did? >> the fact i was able to get his dog out of the shelter alive i don't regret that part. buzz has everything he needs. with dave, i'm really disappointed, actually. i have a heartbreaking story for you guys that we
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kabc. the woman you're looking at is 30-year-old woman who lives in indonesia. for the past three years she has been living a life like this. >> oh. >> three years ago, her husband sliced her nose off of her face in a fit of rage using a machete. she has been embarrassed to go out in public. she's had to wear a bandage over the front of her face. thanks to an oscar-winning special effects artist, she is being fitted for a prosthetic nose. >> no way! >> look at that. >> the special effects artist is alec gillis. known for very famous, recognizable work. >> i think i saw predator in there. >> thanks to rebecca grossman from the grossman burn foundation, alec was made aware of her. they sent him photos and he made several prototypes. prototypes that could be stuck on with an adhe viv but also could fit to glasses with a magnet so it wouldn't irritate
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her face. >> clicks on like that. and, therefore, no skin abrasion or irritation. >> i'm dying to see what she looks like. >> looks like it really is her nose. >> this is just a prototype. as you can see, the sides of her mouth are curling up in a beautiful smile. >> this is a real special effect. >> giving an oscar to that guy. >> we're normally the ones scarring people with our scary monsters so it's nice to heal a scar. of all the surveillance video we've seen on this show, this one i have to say is one of the most disturbing and downright cruel. to san diego, california, to la hoya cove area. this is actually a seal cam that was installed in january to monitor seals on the beaches. many of them are pregnant and around 200 of them give birth from january to march on this beach. who we're seeing, police believe are two females harassing these seals. we're seeing them fitting on the seals, kicking them.
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you see some of the seals, one by one, retreating back to the ocean in the dark of night to get away from these two individuals. >> this is so disrespectful and you can see even see them taking pictures. looks like one point even flashing the seals? that's so weird. >> that bright flash in the dark is disturbing these animals as well. >> how would you like it if someone came in your room in the middle of the night and took pictures of you while you were trying to sleep. >> what would motivate someone to do something this awful? what gets in your head to make you think we should go down to the beach and do this? >> police are looking for these two. they weren't breaking any laws being on the beach but they were breaking laws being in this area that is roped off for these animals. and if they are identified they could be in some trouble because seals are protectsed under the u.s. mammal protection act which makes it illegal to harass, capture, collect, hunt or kill animals like seals. >> i hope they find them.
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all right, everybody. it's almost time for us to give away an ipad mini. >> that's right. you're going to need thursday's buzzword. don't forget you have to be 18 or older to enter. >> thursday's buzzword in just a bit. >> good luck, everybody. it's that time of the year where we can't get enough snow and ski videos, but i have a couple of fails. this one is on a beautiful mountain. you can see the snow looks spectacular. >> fluffy powder. >> yep. this guy up here is getting ready because he's about to attempt a backflip in this little dip. >> oh! he looks like a rag doll. >> i don't think he secured his skis on to his boots. >> looked like his skis came flying off before he even went out. like a yard sale in midair. >> what just happened? >> that might be the greatest video in a while. >> ever. >> that one got me. >> that's a good one. >> that's good stuff.
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>> another really good one. pay attention to this girl wearing this green the hat. >> what? >> what the heck are you thinking? >> this is a skiing competition in russia. we do know one thing. they cross without looking. >> yes. she -- she got -- >> the dude doesn't know, he has no idea he just came that close to like decapitating this woman. >> why did the chick cross the hill? >> to get to the other side. maybe there were hot dogs and nachos and beer and a concession stand on that side. >> that would have been you? >> maybe. if there were hot dogs. some dudes test out exploding arrows. >> found in crisis three video game. does it really work? >> find out if what's in the video game can be a reality. it's the good old can you please stop talking about me
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prank. >> please stop talking about me. >> like you ran into a nut in the park. >> see what people say, after saying nothing at all. get whatever you want, baby.
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the guys from rated r are making exploding arrows. >> breakdown is where i take your favorite parts of movies and video games and create them in real life. >> testing the exploding arrows from the predator bow found in crisis 3, a video game. see if it works. first he starts off with a arrow at a watermelon with a delayed explosion. watch. >> whoa. >> annihilates the watermelon. see the arrow go half way through and then detonate. explains how he made the delayed explosion. >> i have something at the tip of the arrow so whenever it hits it doesn't detonate on impact. it sends it into a shaft here. >> leave it to some guys to make the explosive travel down the
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shaft. >> and detonate after it has entered the watermelon. >> that is a proven theory through the millenia. let's see what happens when you make it detonate on impact. >> again, vaporizes the watermelon and the slow motion even cooler. watch. >> that's pretty cool. the good thing is it didn't explode too soon. that would have completely blown the experiment. >> yeah. the watermelon explodes in the evenly distributed little chunks. see that? >> nothing left of the watermelon or the sand it was being held on. >> show you some of the rhine or stuff like that but that vaporized. >> can you reuse the arrows afterwards or one-time use? >> one-time use. it could get expensive. >> right. if the geico marketing team is targeting the canine demographic, specifically dogs named siena, i think they've nailed it. >> this is my dog and she's
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obsessed with the wood chuck commercial. >> could switching to geico really save you more? do wood chucks chuck wood? >> oh. >> oh. >> this guy plays the geico commercial with the woodchucks for his dog and as soon as the woodchucks come up on the screen on youtube, siena goes crazy. >> poor siena. she thinks she's outside and can chase them. >> this is a well-done commercial. i go crazy every time i see the woodchucks. they need to bring that commercial back. >> you dang woodchucks, quit chucking my wood. >> you can hang out. a lot of the same interests. >> the commercials show specifically good-looking woodchucks. >> oh, yeah. >> they look especially delicious for siena. >> know how she's trying to go behind the screen, maybe they're behind here. >> best is the commercial starts and the geico spokesman guy, she's thinking is this the one
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with the woodchucks i think it is. wait wait. it's the one with the woodchucks. a lot like this commercial. siena two paws up. you're hankering to play music but you don't have a musical instrument. this is a guy known as jay views. he is shopping at his local supermarket, grabbing some fruit, grabbing some vegetables. he does something a little bit different once he has his fruits and vegetables at home. he slices them up. he's not consuming them. >> what we want to do is close a circuit. >> he is closing the circuit on this musical gadget by atachg that circuit to his favorite fruits and vegetables. ♪ >> is he touching like different
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grapes and different grapes are making different sounds? >> they were like chimes. he has a couple different circuits going into that grape, therefore it's attached to a different sound. ♪ >> listen to the strawberries. he's playing the song "teardrop" by massive attack. ♪ >> i like this stunt. very organic. has a very organic sound to it. >> "right this minute" on a roll. ♪ everybody's special man in space is about to show you how to make a sandwich up there. >> they can't have bread because the crumbs float all over the place. >> no bread? see how it's done, next. we're a few minutes away from giving away an ipad mini.
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you said, i hope that kid falls. >> a random person starts talking to these poor people oblivious to what's going on around them and accuses them of having said something they didn't really say and they're left confused. >> that's how fights start. >> those first two guys they were ready. >> listening to our conversation, not talking about you. >> this guy was actually asleep. >> excuse me. are you talking about me? >> the guy you can clearly see he's a little drowsy. >> i was sleeping. >> you were sleeping. >> in the library was funny because some people were talking. >> i thought i heard you say, i bet he can't read or something. >> i didn't say that. >> i can real pretty well actually at a ninth grade level. >> he won't shut up. >> i thought one of you said he looks like a cowboy. >> you're not a cowboy. >> you're a cowboy? >> yes. duh. >> like you ran into a nut in the park. >> did you say i have a harry butt? >> what. >> you may remember ari from the
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fake proposal video. same guy. >> i know i celebrate hanukkah, you celebrate christmas, our kids can celebrate both holidays. >> he said you look like a lanky cowboy. . commander chris hatfield is giving us behind-the-scenes videos and tweets constantly from the international space station. today's edition is how to eat lunch. >> in the early days of space exploration food was mostly squeezed out of tubes and brought up in dehydrated packets. today, we can have quite a variety of food. >> they can't have bread because the crumbs float all over the place. they have tortillas. >> open up our tortilla, get our peanut butter, squirt it on there, honey, squirt it on there, we will have peanut butter honey sandwiches. >> they have more than i have in my apartment right now. >> can't rip it. fortunately we have space scissors attached by a tether so they don't go floating.
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peanut butter is open, squeeze it on the tortilla. >> here comes the honey. watch what he says about the air bubble. >> consider the bubble sitting at the top because there's no gravity to make it float up. the bubble is floating in the middle. >> this looks better than the styrofoam stuff they used to have to eat. >> the pink stuff in the tube looks like liquid chicken. i don't think i would do good in space with that. >> don't have a sink or running water. have to rush yourself up another way. disinfective wipes. >> chris hatfield of the international space station and canada, shows us more behind-the-scenes stuff on the international space station. >> i would like to eat like pacman every day. take cheerios and spread them out into the zero gravity and spread them out all day long. all right, everybody. it's time for the great "rtm" ipad mini giveaway. >> you need thursday's buzzword. don't forget you have to be 18 or older to enter. >> when we give you the buzzword head over to our facebook page. using a mobile phone or a tablet
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go to the first post on our facebook page and tap on the mobile link. >> here we go, beth. the buzzword for thursday is celebrity. head over to and click on the win an ipad mini button. >> enter thursday's buzzword celebrity, that's celebri c-e-l-e-b-r-i-t-y for your chance to win an ipad mini. good luck, everybody. . the golden sisters are back to dish on the oscar nominees. >> i thought -- changle -- >> with a silent g. >> see what else the sisters have to
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we've all had the awkward personal photos where your smile isn't just quite natural. these people want to give us instruction on how to smile naturally for photos. >> step one, don't say cheese. >> cheese. >> you don't want a package of colby jack to come out of the fridge and saying are you talking about me? when you say cheese it makes your smile too brad. say words that end with "a." >> like yoga. >> grandpa. >> yeah, what do you want? >> grandpa. >> yoga. >> or laugh to yourself. >> step three, lift the tip of your tongue behind your front teeth. not like that. there you go. this helps position your lips into a more natural smiling
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position. step four, relax your face. >> then you take all those four steps and combine them together. >> that does not look good. >> you can still say cheese, just say gouda. >> gouda. oscar eating an apple. ♪ the academy awards are happening this sunday. lots of pro dixions rolling in about who's going to take home one of the golden statutes. >> did you see "les miserables". >> who better than the three golden sister. >> "les miserables". >> we haven't seen them in a while. ♪ i dreamed a dream of years gone by ♪
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>> mary, teresa and josey. ♪ >> you sound just like -- >> she has a voice of an angel, i must say. >> you have to see it for the photography. >> for a moment still talking about "les miserables" and then get into "silver linings playbook". >> i was surprised wallace didn't get anything. >> then we start talking about "lawless". >> shia was good. >> no one is talking about that for any oscar. >> for anything. >> anybody even seen that? >> a tv show -- >> win something. >> it didn't. >> i know. >> lincoln's going to win. >> [ bleep ]. >> "lincoln" can't win anything. >> you don't like history. >> i love history. i love talking about the past. >> and makes it so much fun to listen to them talk movies. >> what do you think best director? >> i thought "django." >> with a silent "d." says that on tv, silent "d."
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>> "django." >> i don't like silent letters. they don't have a place. >> i don't know they gave us any predictions but we know what they think about what they think. >> what's the word after "django". >> chains. >> "django chains". >> djangod-j-a-n-g-o. >> that's our show. we'll see you tomorrow.
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